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As we are nearing the finale of our Million Trips i have had some time to think about the good bad and best.

I have really enjoyed this trip because it has taught me to not have a fear of travel and that i can go anywhere in the world to travel and i will never have an issue. It has also taught me how to deal in harsh conditions, like in india where it was gross and smelly but i pulled through even with sickness(I even went on a tiger safari when i was throwing up).

I will rate each place on a scale of 1-10 and give a general description of what i liked and disliked (for future travelers).



I really enjoyed Japan. It was a new experience because everything was so orderly and clean. I actually got really inspired in Tokyo. I even changed my 8th grade project from womens rights to Harajuku fashion. The clothes just caught my eye and really made me want to look into the style. The food was decent because I do not enjoy fish, so everything that was "amazing" really wasn't my type of food. Overall it was a new and great experience and i hope to return soon.



It was LOUD. The sound was crazy and the cars even crazier. Other than that it was decent. The food was gross and the activities satisfactory. For me it was to big and dirty in the cities. The country was beautiful and serene. The food that we ate with Yunxin and his family was really tasty and the location of his house was in a beautiful little village. Overall there was some good and some bad.

Hong Kong:
Rating: unavailable due to sickness


Hong kong was like a mini Japan. Everything was neat and proper. I was sick 2 out of the 3 days so much of hong kong was left unseen. I did find some great face wash in the mall, though i am upset that they dont sell it in the usa :(. NO OVERALL.

Rating:1 maybe even a .5
Lorettas rating: 10000000000000000+++++++


AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was mayhem! the cars were crazy the honking was excessive and to make matters worse I was partially healthy 3 days out of the 2 and a half weeks we were there. I cant believe i didn't bale out in the beginning. At some points it was so gross and dirty that I was reduced to tears. The food wasn't very good, with the exception of a couple places. Though all i could really eat was naan and rice. I never really got to try a bunch of food because when it wasn't a faucet it was blocked up and when it was a faucet i really didnt feel up to eating anything because of the cramps. Also in one place I got 40 + mosquito bites in one night ( my face was covered as well as my body). The best part was having Loretta as our leader. She was so nice and totally helped us out when we were sick and got us through the angry mobs. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of going to India and is looking for the "real life experience." I would definitely return is she invited us to her wedding but otherwise it may be a long while before I go back.

......The Taj Mahal was spectacular though.

Rating:8 maybe 7.5 (final result pending)


I love Istanbul and I cant wait to see the rest of turkey. I have been eating good food for nearly 3 weeks and i am loving it. One night it is insanely good meat balls and the next it is pizza that is almost good as the stuff in Italy. My mom and i are taking part in a cooking class tomorrow and then we head off to Ephesus. Only time will tell!



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Loved the ratings! You are a brave soul, along with Adrian & Po! You've all shown such strength & humor too!
Can't wait for the cooking class update!

by barb ackerman

Hilarious, I loved, loved, loved the blog today - it really made me laugh out loud. We miss you too and whilst we wish you well on the remaining portion of your trip,we can't wait to see you again and hear all the stories. I loved your rating system and all your reasoning for the ratings. Hope you learn to cook something yum that you will make for us here at home. xoxo

by Janeygirl

Glad to hear that you are willing to travel. Even the lousy parts end up being interesting. Sorry you had such a hard time in India. At best it is a dificult country and easy to get sick. A country of contrasts! I also think the Japanese young people dress great - always entertaining.

by kathlin

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