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The Fun Place

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Today we went to Ephesus. For those of you that don’t know what Ephesus is, here is an explanation (I won't make you look it up this time). Ephesus is a city from early b.c to the early a.d. It is considered to be one of the best sites for ancient ruins. I certainly think so. Ephesus was the New York of ancient times. The city is giant and 80% unexcavated. What they have excavated is the biggest ancient theatre in the whole world. It held 24,000 people. Another quick fact I’d think you'd like to know (it is really your choice if you want to read it or not) is that in Ephesus, you have the unique experience of being able to do anything you want (with a few exceptions). You can touch any ruins. Now lets go back to the story.
We end up waiting in line for thirty minutes because of a tour bus that got to Ephesus before us (dang tourists). We mostly stand around and examine the ruins that lay before us. My Dad finally comes out of the line to give us our tickets (hallelujah). My Mom ends up hiring a guide so that we can get all of the information. The guide is a really old man who speaks good English. He gives a really long introduction. Arella and I play with a coin. After our guide finishes, we get on our way. I think the best part about the ruins is jumping around on them. It’s like a giant jungle gym. "No more play grounds, just visit Ephesus" should be their new advertisement. We come upon the antique toilets. It’s a big place where it has toilets all along the sides. It was pretty funny. My Dad made a constipated face in the pictures. Next we visit the temple of Emperor Hadrian (my namesake). My mom takes pictures of me inside the temple. I try to make my my "I'm a super badass emperor" face. I don't think it worked out. All of us kids end up playing around. We set off again. This time we go to the library. It is a big structure that is pretty intact. It looks so cool from the outside that you'd think it would be the jousting arena; but no, it is the library. I thought it was the coolest thing in Ephesus (besides my temple). I was wrong. Next, we went to the Grand Theatre (the biggest ancient theatre in the world, need I say more). It is humongous! Us three kids immediately start climbing up the stairs. Rae and Po stop in a lower part but I keep going. I reach the top. The view is magnificent (fit for the emperor I am). I stay up there for most of the time. Our tour is over. Our guide leaves. We have a picnic up on the top of the theatre. Next we have something of our own to do. We go to the place that you have to pay extra to get into the special houses. I walk up on to the walkway. I see that it really is amazing. There are beautiful mosaics that are colorful and well preserved. There are even some paintings. The marble looks beautiful. I can't really describe it that well, so look at it in the pictures (it is your choice, though you will be missing out if you don't look, so just look, o.k). This is all for now. See ya!


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Grilled Fish!

Not to shabby.

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Lately we've been eating fish. It started 2 days ago when my Mom and I called for a fish revolution. From then on we have been having as much fish as possible (until tonight when Arella and Po won out. We got pizza). The fish here is amazing. The fish guys know their stuff. The other night Arella babysat while my Mom and Dad went out. Apparently they got turbot (if you don't know what it is, look it up. Seriously). They said it was delicious. I've been trying to get to get turbot since then. No luck so far. At least we did find out that the chocolate fountain that has been in front of the street that leads up to our apartment is delicious. It had been waiting waiting there, so tantalizing, yet so out of reach. Last night we caved in. It was awesome. This is all for now. The Bean is out!

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Meat and Peppers

The ultimate combo!

Just checking in from our apartment in Istanbul. The apartment is a penthouse apartment that is 2 floors! It is very modern! Our breakfasts remind me of home. Although Rae and I are on a pull out couch (because Cooc is in the second bed with Po) it is still my favorite place so far. In our new part of town there are no more scammers, which is a plus. Last night we went to one of the best restaurant in town. I ordered chicken shish kebap. My mom told the waiter that I liked spicy food and the next thing we know he is bringing a bowl full of spicy peppers. I ended up eating 6 or 7. They were delicious! We just got back from lunch with my dads friend Mehmet (some of you may know him). It was pretty good. Today there is a massive football (soccer) game and fans are everywhere! Mehmet said there will be alot of noise tonight. This is all for now. See ya!

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Recently we've been in Istanbul. The food is delicious and the people are nice. Best of all is the fact that everything is clean! I don't have to watch where I step or cover my nose when it smells bad. India was a total nightmare. Everyone was sick and exhausted. The highlight of India for me was the Taj Mahal. Even funnier was that Po threw up on it. Talk about bragging rights. After India Istanbul is like heaven. I don't think i've complained once about Istanbul. My mom got my sickness which gives us a major migraine, body aches, nausea, and the runs. She had to go to the hospital. She's practically better now and is catching up on the time she missed. I have been eating alot of meat. The fish here are amazing. Everything is all very European. Last night my dad, sister and I found out how shoe shiners make their money. The scam worked on us. A shoe shiner was walking and he dropped his brush. My dad picked it up. The shoe shiner then proceeded to be all "I must give you a shoe shine, I must". After the shoe shining he demanded 36 Turkish lira. That's about 25 dollars. Just a normal ripoff, right? Wrong. About a hundred meters away a shoe shine guy drops his brush right in front of us. Coincidence? I think not. This is all for now. Bye

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Hiking 10 miles................

Today after getting over my sickness (that has thoroughly killed my nose) I woke up today to hear that we were hiking the mountain right behind us. After eating cold eggs and stuffing my handkerchief into my pocket I was ready to go! We decided to leave Posa so that we wouldn't have to deal with her. We started out by walking out of the village to the mountain. Immediately I noticed that the trail was really steep. For about the next hour and a half I huffed and puffed up the mountain until I asked my mom how far we were. "About a third of the way," Mom answered. I couldn't believe it! I had thought that we had to be at least 3/4 of the way up! Finally we got up to the summit of the first mountain to find out that we had another summit. Of course my mom didn't happen to share this info with us until we had already hiked up the first summit. Eventually, we finally got to the house we were trying to go to. It was a farm where all of the animals were aloud to run wild. There were about 4 puppies, 2 regular dogs, 12 pigs, 20 goats, and about 15 hens and roosters. The Alpha rooster was a little intimidating. One puppy wouldn't shut up. It was pretty annoying. Eventually, we made it back down and all of us were going to relax.

P.S Here is the riddle of the day: A cowboy rode into a town on Friday. He stayed for 2 days. He left on Friday. how did this happen? Post your answers on the comments.

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Italian Food!

Last night we got Italian food! I got deep fried calamari and angel hair. I made my mom eat calamari because she made me eat chinese yams the other night. My dad had had to ditch because he wasn't feeling good. I ate the most out of everyone by far! I also got some of the best chocolate ice cream i've ever tasted. i'm talkin about rich chocolate that was so creamy my mom even ate some! When we got home my dad was sick and vomiting. Po ended up sleeping over. Po through a big hissy fit about what movie we were going to watch. I wanted to watch the hangover or at least something better then high school musical. We decided on cloudy with a chance of meatballs. About halfway through the movie i almost fell asleep but managed to stay awake. Eventually the movie ended and I got my beauty sleep. Hip hip horray!

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A message from the Bean

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Since all of my fans out there are begging for me (haha) i've decided to blog. Kyoto has been pretty boring. All we do is go to shrines and temples (zzzzz). The food has been ok. I think we walked 6+ miles yesterday. When I woke up I felt like my feet had had their first layer of skin peeled off. I thought Tokyo was more fun because we took the subway and didn't have to walk as far. Also, Harajuku was awesome. We got mini hello kitty waffles with custard inside. I never thought biting off hello kittys head would be so tasty! Speaking of tasty, food for me has worked well (against expectations). I've tried a bunch of stuff (again, against expectations). Overall, Japan has been awesome goodbye for now! Above are some of my choice pics from yesterday--I took them of course!!!!

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